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Thu– Fri: 2 – 6 pm
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Special grant for SIC

Finnish Cultural Foundation awarded SIC / Musta Saukko ry a three-year special grant for developing and establishing SIC's functions. Thank you!

Timo Vaittinen at Moving Image New York

SIC is exhibiting Timo Vaittinen’s work at Moving Image art fair in New York City on 5–8 March.

We are happy to have Inkeri Suutari and Vappu Renko joining SIC!

Inkeri Suutari will start work as executive director and Vappu Renko as producer beginning in January 2015.

Maija Luutonen at Galleri Bo Bjerggaard

Maija Luutonen is taking part in the exhibition Affective Attunements at Galleri Bo Bjerggaard in Copenhagen 16.1. - 14.2. 2015

Finland Represented at the UNTITLED. Miami Beach
3-7.12. 2014

Finland Represented at the UNTITLED. Miami Beach
December 3-7, 2014, South Beach, Miami FL


Initiatives for Individuality gives a content and concept driven introduction to the Finnish contemporary art scene. The selection of galleries and art spaces showcases a variety of actors from the independent to the commercial, from the agency to the collaborator. With this focus, the project presents how the multifaceted scene facilitates for and develops contemporary art, its processes and productions. 

The participating artists are internationally exhibiting, conceptually individual and methodologically distinct. All their practices have a dialogic relation to a site of operation. With the variety of mediums the project takes into account the countless, cutting-edge installation possibilities at the UNTITLED.

ARTag (FI): Emma Helle, Teemu Korpela, Hans Rosenström
Komplot (BE): Jakup Auce, Laurie Charles, Sonia Dermience, Benjamin Jaubert, Park Myers, Damon Zucconi
SIC (FI): Maija Luutonen & Olli Keränen
Sinne (FI): Anastasia Ax
In collaboration with Carl Palm, Rincon Projects (CO)

Initiatives for Individuality is curated by
Aura Seikkula // Agency Auteur

The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Consulate General of Finland, New York and Frame Visual Art Finland. The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland support the exhibition.

Kalle Leino:
Bridge Over Troubled Water
@Kluuvin galleria
4 - 19.10.2014
Sauli Sirviö at Art Prospect Festival 2014, September 25-28, St.Petersburg, Russian Federation
Maija Luutonen in The Moderna Exhibition 2014 – Society Acts at Moderna Museet Malmö, Sweden

In autumn 2014, the third edition of the Moderna Exhibition will be presented at Moderna Museet Malmö. Unlike the two previous exhibitions, the selection has been widened geographically beyond Sweden, to include artists from a large part of the Baltic region.  The exhibition features some 35 contemporary artists and artist groups from, or based in, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. A few historical elements will also be included. The widened geographical scope coincides with the 100th anniversary of the Baltic Exhibition in Malmö in 1914The Moderna Exhibition 2014 – Society Acts is open September 20 2014 - January 25 2015

Sauli Sirviö at URB 2014
Seminääri-Discoveries of Identity, Suomi kuvaa collective: Quite Cube
Sauli Sirviö in Pori Biennale 2014

Sauli Sirviö is participating in Pori Biennale 2014. The biennale is open between July 12th – July 18th.

Timo Vaittinen in Fin(n)ish: Fresh Contemporary Art from Finland at RARE Gallery in NYC

The exhibition presents six emerging artists who live and work in Finland. Participating artists are Ville Andersson, Hanna Kanto, Katri Mononen, Aleksi Tammi, Timo Vaittinen, and Ea Vasko. The exhibition is open June 26 - August 7 2014.

Konsta Ojala’s Everything Is Better with Bacon at Make Your Mark Gallery July 4 - July 31 2014

New Opening Times

Note that the gallery has new opening times. Thursday-Friday 14-18 and Saturday-Sunday 12-16. Other times by appointement only.

Timo Vaittinen inCosmogramma at Blanca Soto Arte / Madrid / Spain

The group show curated by Toni Ledentsa with Ilari Hautamäki, Samppa Törmälehto and Timo Vaittinen is open 5.4. -16.5.2014.

Sauli Sirviö inKuvan Kevät

Sauli Sirviö is participating in Kuvan Kevät 2014. The exhibition is open between May 9th – June 1st

Sauli Sirviö inAlkovi

Sauli Sirviö in Alkovi Galleria April 30th – June 1st 2014

Maija Luutonen and Konsta Ojala at Mänttä Art Festival

Maija Luutonen and Konsta Ojala are participating in
Mänttä Art Festival
, "Hetkinen",
15.6.–31.8.2014, in Mänttä.

SIC atARCOmadrid 2014 / Opening

SIC will be taking part in the #FocusFinland programme at ARCOmadrid 2014. SIC will present a project at the Opening section of the art fair.

Timo Vaittinen in
"Kimpassa" at Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art

Timo Vaittinen is participating in the exhibition "Kimpassa" at Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art. The exhibition brings together designers working at Marimekko and contemporary artists. It will open in May 2014.

Olli Keränen in
"Gravitation" at the Finnish Institute in Stockholm

Olli Keränen with Ebba Bohlin at the Finnish Institute in Stockholm 21.11.2013–11.1.2014 The exhibition is curated by Elina Suoyrjö.

Muriel Kuoppala in
Galerie Anhava

Muriel Kuoppala's paintings will
be shown in Galerie Anhava's Exhibition "Emerging 2013"
1.11. - 24.11.2013 in Helsinki.

Olli Keränen and Maija Luutonen
at Galleri Opdahl

Maija Luutonen and Olli Keränen are participating in the exhibition Disclaimer at Galleri Opdahl in Stavanger, Norway 11 October – 24 November 2013

Maija Luutonen
at Fold Gallery London

Maija Luutonen is participating in the exhibition Stopped Clocks in Places of Busyness at Fold Gallery, London 12th October - 9th November 2013

Konsta Ojala at
Helsinki Art Museum Kluuvi Gallery

Konsta Ojala's exhibition "the other ear of Van Gogh"
at the Helsinki Art Museum Kluuvi Gallery 14.9.-29.9.2013.

Olli Keränen receives
the 2013 Raimo Utriainen
Art Foundation grant for young artists.

23/08/2013 - 12/10/2013

Felicia Atkinson, Olli Keränen, Bitsy Knox, Maija Luutonen, Kalle Leino, Konsta Ojala, Jurgen Ots, Benoit Platéus, Sauli Sirviö, Timo Vaittinen and Laura Wesamaa

Curated by Komplot and Aura Seikkula

Hosted by Komplot (Brussels) and SIC (Helsinki)

Exhibition at SIC, Helsinki
Opening: Friday 23rd August / 6 - 9 pm
Until 6.10.2013

Exhibition at KOMPLOT, Brussels
Opening: Friday 6th September / 5 - 10 pm
Until 12.10.2013

KOMPLOT Opening hours: Frid. - Sat. / 2 - 6 pm
295, Avenue Van Volxemlaan
B-1190 Brussels

SIC is participating in
24 Spaces - A Cacophony
at Malmö Konsthall

With the exhibition 24 Spaces, Malmö Konsthall is presenting a number of non-commercial artist- or curator-driven activities. This is an attempt to use the Nordic region as a starting point to examine various alternative exhibition spaces. The intention is to highlight all the diverse artistic forms of expression which are currently being created or exhibited in the Nordic region and our geographic vicinity.
Participating spaces: 1857 (NO), Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi (DK), Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation (SE), kim? Contemporary Art Centre (LV), Kling & Bang gallerí (IS), Koh-i-noor (DK), Konstfack, Stockholm (SE), Konsthögskolan i Malmö (SE), Kungliga Konsthögskolan, Stockholm (SE), Lilith Performance Studio (SE), NoPlace (NO), OEI (SE), PARENT (SE/IS), Pist Protta (DK), Ruler (FI), SIC (FI), The Gardens (LT), The Living Art Museum (IS), Tidens Krav (NO), Toves Galleri (DK), Transmission Gallery (GB), Umeå Konsthögskola (SE), Valand, Göteborg (SE), VI, VII (NO)

Malmö Konsthall
Malmö Nordic

Olli Keränen in
Anhava's project space

Olli Keränen's video work TANSTAAFL will
be shown in Gallery Anhava's project space
14.3. - 7.4.2013 in Helsinki.

Maija Luutonen receives
the 2012 Ducat Award

Maija Luutonen is the 2012 recipient of the Finnish Art Association Ducat Award.

Karri Kuoppala in
Kiasma's Reality Bites

Karri Kuoppala's video installation Helsinki Black Book is in The Contemporary Art Museum Kiasma’s collection exhibition Reality Bites. 10.11.2012 - 20.01.2013

Maija Luutonen
at Overgarden

Maija Luutonen is exhibiting at Overgarden, in "Dimensions of Sharing" with Suzanna Asp,
Sini Pelkki and Pilvi Takala. 10.11.2012 - 20.01.2013, Overgarden, Copenhagen, Denmark.

HIAP Peer-to-peer
review at SIC

HIAP Peer-to-peer review at SIC with Sauli Sirviö,
Pilar Mata Dupont, Federico Del Vecchio.
20th September 5–7 pm.
For more info, please see HIAP website:

Sauli Sirviö in
Encontros da Imagem 2012

Sauli Sirviö is in Encontros da Imagem 2012,
Facing Youth exhibition,
14.9–28.10.2012 in Braga, Portugal.

Laura Wesamaa in

Laura Wesamaa in the exhibition LUMPS OF WOOD (PAPER, COLOR, PLASTER) at Tollbodallmenningen 39 in Bergen, Norway 13.9. – 30.9.2012

Timo Vaittinen in
Anhava's project space

Timo Vaittinen's video work Central Park will
be shown in Gallery Anhava's project space
6.–30.9.2012 in Helsinki.

Timo Vaittinen's Central Park
in Split Film Festival

Timo Vaittinen's video work Central Park is
in Split Film Festival's short film competion
on 18th September 2012 in Split, Croatia.

Sauli Sirviö is in POLAROID

Sauli Sirviö is participating POLAROID exhibition
in Finnish Museum of Photography
18.8.–2.12.2012 in Helsinki.

Motherboard in
Mousse Magazine
Sauli Sirviö is in Megacool 4.0

Sauli Sirviö is participating Megacool 4.0 –
Jugend und Kunst in Künstlerhaus k/haus
15.6.–7.10.2012 in Wien, Austria.

KARIEL in Camouflage

SIC artists Muriel Lässer's and Karri Kuoppala's
duo project KARIEL is participating "Camouflage"
in Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art,
15.6.–7.10.2012, in Helsinki.

Laura Wesamaa and
Olli Keränen in Mänttä

Laura Wesamaa and Olli Keränen are participating
Mänttä Art Festival
, "Finders Keepers",
10.6.–31.8.2012, in Mänttä.

SIC is participating Stockholm's independent art fair Supermarket.